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Online Registration - Step 1

Thanks for using the WSC online registration. The registration procedure is easy, but it allows you to only register for one program at a time. To sign up for a second program, complete the entire registration process, including payment, for the first program. Then repeat the procedure until you have signed up for every program you want. Hint: Use the same password for all your registrations (even for different players) so later on you can view all your registrations at once.

Online registration requires payment by credit or debit card. If you prefer to pay by check, you may complete a registration form (available from the web site) and mail it in or drop it off at WSC.

If you need assistance, you can e-mail us. or call our toll-free information line, 866-GR8-VBALL or 281-807-0055 ext 8.

If the program you are registering for has no fee (e.g., Tryouts), please use the parents information for the Cardholder section. The system will not ask for any credit card information.

The information you provide is confidential and will not be divulged to third parties. Your card information is collected from a secure site and is not retained.

To start, find the program you want to register for in the table below, then complete the information at the bottom. Take a moment to double check your information before continuing on to the next step. Important: Make sure to complete every blank. Contact us if you experience any problems.

JUL 1 2017- JUN 30 2018 Annual Registration Fee for Privates $30 1799
August 29, 2018 Free Skills Clinic-8th & Under-August 29 6-8PM 1 2 $0 1890
Sept 18, 2018 14's & Under Make-Up Tryouts 6-8PM 1 2 $70 1905
Sep 5-Oct24 Fall Developmental League : K-6th 6:00-7:30PM 10 18 $275 1910
Sep 10, 2018 Monday Skills - 9/10 6:00-7:30PM 1 1.5 $50 1911
Sep 19, 2018 Monday Skills - 9/17 6:00-7:30PM 1 1.5 $50 1912
Sep 24, 2018 Monday Skills - 9/24 6:00-7:30PM 1 1.5 $50 1913
Oct 1, 2018 Monday Skills - 10/1 6:00-7:30PM 1 1.5 $50 1914
Oct 8, 2018 Monday Skills - 10/8 6:00-7:30PM 1 1.5 $50 1915
Oct 15, 2018 Monday Skills - 10/15 6:00-7:30PM 1 1.5 $50 1916
Oct 22, 2018 Monday Skills - 10/22 6:00-7:30PM 1 1.5 $50 1917
Sep 10-Oct 22, 2018 Monday Skills - ALL Sessions 6:00-7:30PM 7 10.5 $300 1918

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